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  • Read in over 25 countries
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  1. Colour advertisment on our flagship magazine, reaching thousands of readers
  2. Social media links on our twitter and facebook pages.
  3. Ad space on our website

Now is the perfect time to invest in League of Ireland Monthly, while we grow our readership. We can offer very competitive rates for double, full, and half page advertisments, and also offer further deals if you take out ads in two issues or more. 

We offer not only advertisments in the magazine, but across our social media network, and in our website.

League of Ireland Monthly is the only publication of its type, combining graphics and feature-length articles about the League of Ireland on a monthly basis.

While the league has good media coverage on a day-to-day basis, little exists in the way of periodical analysis, and this gap in badly needed in a national league like the League of Ireland, and will draw readers of all ages and backgrounds.



League of Ireland Monthly is a new magazine that is beginning to establish itself as one of the main alternative news sources for the League of Ireland. With 5,000 readers already in over 25 countries the magazine has a massive potential market both home and abroad.

The magazine has already been recognised by the Herald newspaper, and Newstalk radio station, and we're constantly looking to build links to improve publicity and readership figures.




Potential Market