The League of Ireland, we all love it; whether it's the inevitable drama each season (both on-and-off the pitch), its roots and unbreakable link to the community, or the pride we all share when we see our lads lift silverware, the league never ceases to both amaze and entertain in equal measure.

It remains one of the most diverse, difficult and competitive league in Europe year-upon-year, and each month sees incredible stories, both good and bad.

The media coverage of our league has improved drastically in the last five-to-ten years; increased television coverage, more newspaper exposure and sites like and have contributed hugely to the slow but steady progression of our league, even during difficult economic times.

However the league has missed something for a very long time. Despite several attempts, our wonderful league has never had a dedicated magazine of its own; a forum where great writers can truly digest our dynamic championship without the distraction of the news-cycle or the hunt for adclicks.

League of Ireland Monthly is looking to fill that long existing vacuum. Having started last summer, the magazine was published to great success, being read over one-thousand times in its first 24 hours. A smarter second edition was launched the following month but unfortunately due to mitigating factors it had to be shelved until this coming season, in which any number of sides once again could possibly be crowned champions.

We want to build on our success from last year and make a magazine that the entire league can be proud about, once hopefully that will challenge our ideas, broaden our knowledge, and start even more debate about our league. The League has needed a nationwide forum for independent articles and debates for a long time now, and we want to be that forum.

In order to scale these heights we need your help! Please click on the donate button below and give whatever you can, every single Euro goes a long way to helping us progress and thrive!